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       . . .And in the last days I      will show signs and wonders    in the heavens. . .and 

    columns of clouds.

         Joel 2:30

. . . The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes.  

                             Joel 2:31

Blood Moon .jpg

What Is This?

This very strange but truly stunning phenomenon appeared in the sky over Los Angeles on September 28th.

Yes, they appear to be clouds, but. . .


They are in fact truly supernatural.     How so?. . .


Click on the YouTube link to learn more about this "V", and also the super blood moon that appeared at the exact same time over Jerusalem--truly miraculous signs from God; and why this celestial "V" became the cover photo for Book Four in this Series: REASONING vs. REVELATION.

This enormous other-worldly cloud formation defied all natural laws of atmospheric physics. The It is not photoshopped or a hoax, and it was witnessed by thousands of people in Southern California   To get an idea of the scale of it, the tiny blue light to the lower right edge is a commercial jet liner landing at LAX.  

Unlike natural clouds which move and shift, this formation of two entirely different classes of cloud remained in this exact formation for nearly one hour. There has been a lot speculation as to what it was, and you are invited to add your thoughts in the active comments stream at  YouTube

Is it an Arrow?. . .Part 2 of the Video

While some have said it's some type of an alien encounter, most people have believed that this is indeed a supernatural "Sign" from God, and is the fulfillment of the prophecy in Joel 2:31 and in particular the "columns" or "pillars of clouds" (Hebrew "tiymarah"; H8490) .   And, as a Sign, there are many different opinions as to what it means.   If it is indeed meant as an "arrow" sign, is it pointing to something specific; and what might that something be?

Still others have said it is a sign indicating a flight of angels; being over Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

Many think it's a roman numeral for "5", which of course has led to even more speculation as to "5 what?".  Five years? . . . Five months?. . .

Other opinions are that it is a "crescendo" sign, as used in music, and portends a coming climatic event.


Considering the current global coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic (or "PANdemIC", as in fear), a large number believe it stands for "virus".

Other than the predictable alien encounter nonsense, is it possible that all of the above are "True"?. . .

As mentioned in the YouTube video of this miraculous sign (and wonder), it turns out it is, in fact, pointing to something or, rather, somewhere very specific. 

To see precisely where, CLICK HERE to watch Part 2 and the conclusion of the YouTube video.

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