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About the Author...

H. Mark Edward

“Better to know nothing, than to half-know much”.

      Forty years ago, these were the first words God spoke to the author, H. Mark Edward; a zealous, outspoken atheist with a healthy mistrust of all religions and, in particular, the fallible and all-to-often deceitful men behind them.  It is such men the author believes are directly to blame for so many thousands of conflicting spiritual beliefs and religions.  As he often quotes, "It is certainly not God who is confused about who He Is."


     At age twenty-seven, the author had a miraculous, supernatural and deeply moving “Damascus road” experience in which he was taken up into a bright white cloud where he met, or experienced, the “One, True, Living God Who Is There”.  Not knowing His Name, nor what “religion” this God was associated with, this was the only descriptor that the author could imagine using to describe this intensely real, eternal and infinite God. 


     However, being now “fully persuaded” as to the reality of His existence, Mark began “speaking aloud” (praying) to the air, believing that the God Who Is There was not only able to “hear” him, but was most certainly willing and able to “communicate” with him, as God had already clearly demonstrated.  And God, being all Truth, honored this now irreversibly former atheist’s request that God ensure that he would not be deceived in any way, nor be led to believe any lies about this God and what He desired to do in this world. 


     And so, God began to teach the author--and in no small irony, "by the seaside" (Mark 4:1); not in the “half-truths” borne of the reasonings and opinions of mortal men, nor in the “nonsense” of religious dogma and traditions, but within and through one revealed Absolute Truth upon another; step by step over the ensuing forty years.  And He continues to so, as His Wisdom and Knowledge--the Oracles--are Infinite. 


    While Mark has remained patient these many years, wondering what all this truly overwhelming and wonderful Knowledge was intended for, in January of 2019, God “released” Mark to begin writing all that he had been shown and taught.  Furthermore, God indicated that now, as He begins "pouring out His Spirit" upon the entire world (Joel 2:28) He will reveal to anyone and everyone—whom the Bible refers to as the “whosoevers”—this “Mystery”; which the Bible says has been kept “hidden” until here and now, the “last time”, and immediately prior to the soon return of the Son, Messiah Jesus Christ. 

Are you one of these "whosoevers"?    It is completely up to you...


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