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A Twelve Volume Teaching Series

You must get THERE
from THERE.
               H. Mark Edward
by  H. Mark Edward

The Mystery of Atonement:

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This truly Divinely-Inspired series reveals the Wisdom which God

Declared He would keep "hidden" until now; here in the final days

of the fulfillment of His Plan for all mankind.

The astonishing, never-before seen or heard knowledge

contained in these twelve books represents the Last-Days calling of

The One, True Living & Loving God to All People.

It is dedicated to the "whosoevers" who wish to boldly step forward and simply believe the Words of God, who desires to take them from the morass of hypocrisy and confusion of religion and philosophy--the "here"--and guide them to the clear, peaceful and immutable Knowledge of the God Who Is "THERE"

You can't get THERE
from here...  


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