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Book Three

Precision of Words & Meanings

Defining Spiritual Terms:

On the utter absurdity of there being One God; but over 4,000 religions in the world:

...For God is not the author of confusion...

                  1 Corinthians 14:33

      ....All teaching errors and all false doctrines, in ALL religions, are the result of  the reliance of  fallible men upon their temporal, “natural-mind” powers of reasoning to attempt to discern and understand Eternal, Spiritual Truths. ...This humanist global quagmire of confusion by mere mortal men is in fact how and why there are so many competing denominations, doctrines, religions factions, philosophies, superstitions, "spiritual" disciplines, and creeds.   

It most certainly is not God who is confused! 

You must get THERE
from THERE!
      H. Mark Edward  
You can't get THERE
from here... 

On the present merging together of all religions into a single "unifying" religion:

    ....Just as the world’s religions are now coalescing into one single ecumenical “faith tradition”—that is, an unholy “unity”of compounded errors within and among themselves--God is now calling all who seek to be joined in True Unity directly with Him to now make a choice.  If each reader is sincerely interested in the latter, the Revelation of the Mystery as presented in this book series is God’s open door to you!

On the constant struggle to maintain one's "faith" and the desire to please God:

...God, I believe...Please help my unbelief!

                      Mark 9:24

    ...On such a teeter-totter of spiritual “victory” and defeat, what is incorrectly labeled and taught as being "faith" is really just a tremendous amount effort and the force of one’s own “will” to continue trying to "act good", trying to ignore one's own conscience which fixates on their failings and "sin", and striving to prevail against one's own constant bouts of self-condemnation.  This futile condition is what the Bible refers to as vain "will worship", and "dead works".

On the need for believers to now "come out from among" the unbelieving and be distinctly and admirably different.

......And to all Christians I also ask “If you all, being Christians, act like the confused, unsaved religious peoples of the world, why do you try to convince the confused, unsaved religious peoples of the world to be Christians?” 

If you, being a Jew, live and think like the Gentiles, and not as the Jews, why do you compel the Gentiles to live and think like the Jews?

                               Galatians 2:14

On the origins and causes of the explosion of deceit, and general immorality and incivility in the world

     Throughout history, mankind has constantly challenged observable facts and absolute truth; invariably to our own societal destruction.  The origins of this practice had early-on been couched within the nobility of logic and scientific method—that is, postulating an antithesis in order to confirm the thesis. 

     However, in these Last Days, it has inevitably, and just as invariably, slouched toward the ignoble; the most insidious and destructive expression of which is open and notorious deceit—the conscious, knowing, and deliberate denial of facts and truth.

   ...Woe unto them that in the last days shall call evil good, and good evil; and who shall assert darkness as light, and light as darkness...
                                     Isaiah 5:20

On the basis for the error of all reilgion, and the contradictory lack of "faith" displayed by religious leaders 

        The irony of all religions being based on “faith”, or “willful belief” is that it requires absolute, unrestricted belief that a) God does in fact Hide His deep Truths from humans, and b) believing that God can and will Give such direct Revelation to any individual before they can Receive it. The “dirty little secret” that all religious leaders know to be true, but to their shame they adamantly refuse to admit, is that they themselves—the "models of faith” for their followers--do not themselves fully believe that God can and will Provide such Absolute, infallible and Oracular Truth to an individual.  Certainly not to the lowly layman they believe God has given them charge over to teach and to "protect".

  For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, "He taketh the wise in their own craftiness (Job 5:13)"
                        1 Corinthians 3:19

On the reason God, in HIs Wisdom, shrouds Himself in Mystery, and the difficulty of certain people to accept and reconcile this Truth.

    Wisdom, not knowledge, begins with the realization that if the world’s most brilliant men could simply use their collaborative intellectual competencies, and the sheer force of their collective egos and will to both discover and comprehend all of the “deep Things of God—to “divine the Divine”, so to speak, then God would not have referred to all that He Eternally IS, and that which He Infinitely Knows, as “a Mystery”.  

On what God has already "done" for both Christians and the entire world, and what He is waiting for Christians to "do"...

God cannot and will not re-do what He has already done—not just for Christians, but in fact for the entire world through Christians!  He is waiting for Christians to stop the nonsense of “playing church” and do what He has Commanded we do.

Till we all come in the Unity of the Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, unto a Perfect person, unto the Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ:                                                           Ephesians 4:13

On God's insistence upon one-on-one, personal relationship with each person, and especially with you after you are saved...

So here is the key element to understanding True, biblical Unity:  each individual believer must be joined to, and become one with, the True Gospel, and NOT directly with each other.  True Christianity is not a social club.  We all come to Christ individually, not as a “group”; and our fellowship is NOT “group therapy”.  God desires direct, personal contact and communion with each of us individually.  

Chapters & Topics Covered 

​        FOREWORD (Repeated in all books)

  1.  The Extremely Vital Importance of PRECISION; The   CERN  Long Hadron Collider Experiment in   Switzerland:   Atheist and Pagan Scientists   Searching for "The God   Particle"; Which May   Destroy the Entire Planet

  2.  The Even Greater Importance of Precision in   Interpreting  and Teaching the Oracles of God.       4,200 Competing and Contradictory Religions in     the World; Yet Only One True God.  Hmmm...

       --All Religious Error is to Blame for Atheism

​       --The Mystery -- Hidden In Plain Sight

       --The Law of Sin and Death

       --The Cross--So Much More Than Two Intersecting            Lines, Wall Decor, or a Fashion Accessory!

       --The Atonement

       --"Salvation" and the Greek Word "sozo" ; A Word              of Advice

   3. Who and What is An "Authentic Follower" of Jesus?         --Being a True Follower of Jesus: Do You "Know                His Voice"?

       --Is the Devil More Powerful Than God?

       --Many False "Christs", "Messiahs", and                             "Enlightened Ones" Arise in These Las Days

   4. The "Name" of Jesus--A Full Understanding of


   5. What is True "Faith"?  "Lord, I Believe!. . . Help My                  Unbelief!" God's  

       --Faith vs. Man's Belief 

       --The "Measure of Faith"

       --The "Pillars of Faith" - Hebrews Chapter Eleven

   6. What is "Truth"?  Pilate's Sincere Question to Jesus

       --The Bane of Modern Analytical Philosophy

       --The Temporal Dialectic vs. The Dual Dialectic; an            Indispensable Tool for Discerning Spiritual Truth,            Wisdom and The Mystery

       --Are You A King?

   7. Unity: With Error?  Or Unity With Truth?  Can't Have         Both

       --Spiritual Darkness: Deceit Which Masquerades             as "Truth"

   8. Wisdom Is the Principal Thing!  Worldly wisdom vs

       Godly Wisdom

   9. The Gift of Discernment: Comparing Spiritual                 Things with Spiritual Things-1 Corinthians 2:7, 13

  10. PERFECT: The "Four-Letter Word" in Religion 


CERN Hadron collider large ring.jpg

Atheist scientists at CERN have built the largest machine in the world, the Large Hadron Collider, in an attempt to solve the "mystery" of what they refer to as "The God Particle".  

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