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Book Two:



On How and Why a Loving God can "Hate" Religion

In case the reader does not immediately grasp the significance of a Loving God Hating something, intriguingly, the equivalent word for “nico” in the Hebrew, בִּלְעָם, (bî-lâm’) is even more descriptive in why God hates religion, as it means “a curse upon” or “destruction of” the people—those persons, the "whosoevers", who simply want to find and Know the One, True God.   Thus, God indeed Hates anything that resembles any organized, institutional construct in which a group of fallible, self-exalted “leaders” overlord people seeking God; calling it a curse upon His people, and which causes them to be destroyed. 

by  H. Mark Edward
You must get THERE
from THERE!
         H. Mark Edward  

So you also possess them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I Hate.

                           Revelation 2:15

On God's Desire That Sincere Believers Come Directly to Him

If any readers are sincerely seeking God, He cannot be found through religion; you must go directly to Him, as I did.  Not knowing His "name", I just called Him "The One, True, Living & Loving God Who IS There". And until He begins to Respond and Reveal Himself to you, it is okay just to refer to Him in this same way…He’s really completely “okay” with this “Name”.  He knows He is the only One ‘There” and, because He is all “Good”, and “Loving”, by calling to Him in this way, with a sincere heart, He is the Only One who can and will “Answer”!

   ....You need not that any man teach you: for as the same Anointing [Spirit of the One, True God] Teaches [all of] you all things, and is Truth, and is no lie...

                            1 John 2:27

On the ignorance of the True Gospel, and the nonsense of the propagation of many "gospels"

Q: How Many "Gospels" (Godly Truths) Are There? 

A: As there is only One True God, there is only One True Gospel.

....But just stating [accurately] that there is only One True Gospel of God (1 Thessalonians 2:2) does NOT mean that the person who states this knows accurately what the entire True Gospel of God is (according to God Himself)!   Aside from all of the theological divisions and not-so-secret failings of most Christian leaders and churches, the glaring evidence of their failure of accurately knowing the entirety of the True Gospel of God is seeing that, in daily practice and in all church activities, they do not place that Work of Christ on the Cross in the center of ALL that they speak and do!  Accordingly, they unwittingly fulfill Christ’s lament (and that of the prophet Isaiah whom Jesus quoted) in the  Mark 7:6 verse above that although their lips and words are close,  "their hearts are far from Him” .

I cannot fathom how you can be so quickly led away from Him that Called you into the Grace of Christ unto another gospel;  Which is NOT "another", because there is only one!

                     Galatians 1:6

Chapters & Topics Covered 

  1.  A Brief Introduction To My Former Atheism

  2.  God Hates Religion, Too!

  3.  His Name Is "I AM THAT I AM"!

  4.  What Is The Gospel?

  5.  Christ And Him Crucified & The Preaching of the Cross

  6.  We Must All Hunger & Thirst For Spiritual Wisdom

  7.  A Note to Agnostics And Atheists

  8.  History of Atheism: A Case Study of Josef Stalin

  9.  The Attitude of the Heart

  10.  A Revolutionary Way To Study God's Word

  11.  You Must Choose to Believe!

  12.  Epilogue

©2018 Spirit & Truth Ministries

For the Preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are Saved it is the Power of God.  

1 Corinthians 1:17-18

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