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Book Seven

Are You Truly A Believer?

Or Merely a "Hoper"?

Are you one of those who still refuses to believe that there is a God?  Or perhaps you are a believer, and may even sense that the Last Days are upon us, but you are merely hoping that you are you are "ready". 


Perhaps you don't believe that God is allowing the events in our world--which indeed seem to be increasingly and wildly spinning out of control--to serve as the most glaring and unmistakeable "final-warning" sign possible to all people; believers and non-believers alike.     

The question you must ask yourself--whether you are an atheist, agnostic, a devotee of one of the world's thousands of religions, paganist, a member of a Secret Society or, most importantly, a believing Christian--is will you heed this final warning and take sincere stock of what you believe and what the One, True, Living & Loving God expects from you.


  We will all stand before Him ALONE--not with your family, your friends, nor your Priest, Rabbi, Pastor, or Imam, and especially not with any of your Secret Society compatriots.  Alone.  

What will you answer; to your own soul...and to Him?


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